Types of Bathroom Faucet

Types of Bathroom FaucetAre you planning to renovate your bathroom? Or just simply want to change the ambience without replacing too much furniture? Then replacing the faucet can be a great option. There are a lot of taps offered on the market, with a lot of finishes and shapes for your liking. Even the affordable one can create a great change for your bathroom. Some taps even have water conservation and interactivity as its features. But before choosing any bathroom taps, there are some factors that you need to consider. First, you have to know whether you will buy a new sink or just use the existing one. Then the position of the tap opening should also be considered. Next is to consider the features that you wish to have and how much budget do you have. Another thing to consider is your bathroom’s size and what kind of taps that are commonly used in homes around your area.

There are a lot of faucet types that you can find in the market. You have to make sure that your taps match the opening hole of your sinks. Some of the types are listed below:

  • Wall mount taps: this type of taps recently becomes popular, together with vessel-type or freestanding sinks that need longer valves that is able to extend over the bowl’s top.
  • Single-hole taps: this type of taps combine both mixing handles and the spout, commonly in single lever, into one entity that needs a sink with only one drilled hole. Several models include bottom plates that cover other holes from 3-holes openings. This type of taps is suitable for sinks with smaller size.
  • Widespread mounts: this type of taps have 3 individual pieces: one spout and two handles. The common distance among handles is 8 inches at least. This type of taps is often bigger that other bathroom taps types. There are also smaller versions that are designed to fit with sinks equipped with drilled holes separated by 4 inches distance, called minispreads.
  • Center-set taps: this tap is suitable for sinks with three-hole with the distance for outer holes is four inches apart. This tap has either 2 handles installed on a six inch plate or single lever.

Those are some of the type of faucet that you can choose for your bathroom. Not every taps can be grouped easily. However, the list above covers the big picture of bathroom taps types.