Tips to Choose Faucet and Its Finishes

Tips to Choose Faucet and Its FinishesFor those who are seeking for a good change in the bathroom, replacing the faucet can be a great step to start the change. Currently, many home furniture manufacturers offer various types of taps for your bathroom. The various features, deigns, styles, and finishes allow everyone to personalize and dress up the bathroom according to their taste. However, it is important to understand that choosing random taps just because you like the design does not always works. In fact, there a lot of things that you need to consider before purchasing any taps for your bathroom. First, you have to know what kind of basin or sink that you use at home. The second one is to coordinate your tap finish and color with other accessories and fixtures in the bathroom. For simple cleaning, choosing spot-resistant finishes is the best solution. The next is to check valve quality of the taps to ensure its durability and reliability. Other consideration is the users of the taps to determine the most suitable control options.

Other than the considerations described above, there are some tips for decision-making that you may consider especially for choosing finish options. Those factors are listed below:

  • For those who have children at home, choosing brushed finishes is more recommended because this faucet hide fingerprints and water spots better that other types of taps.
  • Focus on the appearance and ignore the metal. Visiting a showroom is recommended to see all types of finishes displayed and choose the one that you like, based on your taste.
  • Choosing polished finishes is good for elegant vibe, but this type of taps need regular upkeep to maintain its sparkly look.
  • Coordinate and manage all finishes in every bathroom in your house, including door hardware, towel bars and lighting fixtures, to ensure that the hard surface have the similar finish.

Several faucet sets has a mix of finishes. The most common mix is chrome and brass finish because this combination offers an exceptional look. Choosing combination finishes can be an alternative to reduce the cost to change the ambience of your bathroom. For instance, is your current fittings are made from brass, you can update it with a brass-and-chrome tap. But you have to keep in mind to always stick with one style. If you love antique finishes more, then do not mix it with polished one. So does the otherwise. Mixing two different styles will bring incoherencies to your bathroom.