Faucet Water Flow: Why It Is Important

Faucet Water Flow: Why It Is ImportantThese days, with ‘go green’ movement emerging everywhere, it is important to understand how much water that is wasted if you choose the wrong faucet. In United States alone, the average household uses more than eleven gallons of water every day just from the taps, excluding toilet flush, dishwasher, and washing machine. Moreover, taps with older styles in the kitchen tend to spill more water that the actual need. For instance, the flow of old taps is around 2 gallons per minute, but new taps only flow 1.8 gallons of water per minute. Despite insignificant difference, it still makes a great impact if it happens every day. Some people do not want to use water-efficient taps because they think it will slow down the pressure. However, with the development of technology, many manufacturers develop technology to ensure the taps only have minimum use of water without losing its pressure.

There are two main reasons of why you should think about faucet water usage. First is, of course, with lower water usage, the water bills will also be reduced. The second reason is the ecological reason. Just like other natural resources, supplying tap water with high quality is getting more expensive due to the higher demand and lesser supply. It is true that there is an organization that already work their best to handle the matter, but without our contribution, it may not turn out as well as we wish to be. Thus changing your old taps can be a small but significant contribution.

There are several things that you need to consider to ensure your faucet support the ‘go green’ movement. Those things are listed below:

  • Pause functions: seeking for a tap with pause functions is a great idea, because with this feature, you will not flow any water unless you actually need it.
  • Aerators: aerator is a tiny screen at the end of the tap that bring air to water stream. The aim of this aerator is to reduce the flow of water. Almost all of newer taps have it.
  • WaterSense label: try to look for this label on various taps that you wish to buy. If the label is there, it indicates that the manufacturer fulfills all of the requirements from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and participates in the ‘go green’ movement.

Ceramic valve: many manufacturers choose ceramic valve because it is less prone to any leaking and more durable.