Cranberry Pineapple Punch Recipe

 Cranberry Pineapple Punch RecipeThis fabulous sparkling cranberry pineapple punch recipe was made possible by the special one, Dole. Their pineapple juice has been widely known on the street as the best juices. It is actually a kind of like travelling to Hawaii and then squeezing the juice out of a fresh ripe pineapple. Well in fact it excludes the trip and squeezing. That is the secret ingredient that I use here 100% Dole. This fizzy holiday punch possess just the right amount of sweetness and is craved by a lot of kids and some other little kids. Therefore, it is just so perfect for any party or gatherings. It works well since lime goes pretty well with cranberries and ginger can go well with pineapple but so do lime and cranberries-I may have done some little researches in The Flavour Bible. It is a great tool to search fabulous recipes, by the way. The combination is so crisp, super tasty, and refreshing. Oh, and don’t forget the nutrition contents of the punch. It is also very pretty, which is so important as you want to jazz things a little bit up for your holidays. Without a doubt, the cranberries surely sparkle next to the fresh lime. Oh yes! And one more thing. This perfect punch recipe for all occasions is just so easy to make, just like adding ands stirring coffee.

What I really love about DOLE canned pineapple juice is that it is non-GMO and the packaging is BPA-free! For reals that is such a great deal for me and my family and I have felt that it would be great to serve it to my family. It is due to the fact that this sparkling cranberry pineapple punch recipe has a really exotic refreshing sensation and it is great on its own rather than OJ, but it does take punch and smoothies to the higher level. For sure, most groceries carry it in 46 oz. cans or a six-pack, either of which can work for this cranberry pineapple punch recipe. For simple and easy meal time inspiration and some chuckles, you can check out the Youtube channel. Also you can find them on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


Here are the ingredients that you need for this Christmas cranberry pineapple punch recipe

  • Three cups of 100% DOLE Canned
  • Pineapple juice, which has been chilled
  • Three cups of Cranberry juice cocktail, also has been chilled
  • Four cups of ginger ale
  • ½ cup fresh or frozen cranberries
  • ½ lime which is thinly sliced
  • Some ice cubes

The Steps required to make this cranberry pineapple punch recipe are so simple and quick. Here are what you need to do to get cranberry pineapple punch for three to four people.


How to make cranberry pineapple punch

First, pour three cups of pineapple juice, three cups of cranberry juice, and four cups of a ginger ale in a large pitcher. Next, you need to add the sliced lime, and the cranberries. Stir them well in order to combine and then serve it to your favourite people. See? I told you there is no third step. It is just so easy.


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