Classic Watermelon Juice Recipe

Classic Watermelon Juice Recipe Watermelon Juice Recipe- without a doubt, a glass of cooling drink for hot and humid summers. Watermelon is indeed one of the popular fruit to deal with thirst and heat. They can be served in lots of ways, one of which is by juicing them. In fact, watermelon juice is one of many refreshing drinks that we crave as we step outside and get parched in the sun, especially when we spend lots of in the sun and are active. Apart from this, watermelon is rich in anti-oxidants, great source of potassium, and are great for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and colon cancer. We usually have some watermelons which are chopped with a sprinkling and refreshing of chaat masala as well as black salt. Sometimes, I create watermelon juice and it is just so easy to make.

Although there is cumbersome part in making water melon juice, which is removing the seeds, I still can manage these pretty quickly as the watermelon has very less seeds. Surely thank God for small mercies for sweetening watermelon juice that I have added rose petal preserve or gulkand. Adding such ingredient or sugar is actually optional. For me, I think a double cooler drink with both rose and watermelon is the best natural coolants. If you have never tried watermelon juice recipe and want to give it a try, then this classic watermelon juice recipe will surely do. Here is how I make one tall big glass of watermelon added with tons of ice.

As I said, this is just so simple and quick to make. The prep time calls forth only fifteen minutes! I usually create three to four tall glasses out of it. The ingredients that you need include one watermelon, 2 to 3 tablespoons of gulkand or rose petal jam (this is quite optional anyway), rock salt or black salt, chaat masala, lots of ice cubes.

How to make this watermelon juice recipe:

Classic Watermelon Juice Recipe Before you start, I suggest you to use a measuring cup which is equal to 250 ml to help you measure the water you will use. First, you need to chop the watermelon you have prepared. You can chop it in just any size you want. After you have chopped it, make sure that you remove the seeds. Nobody wants to have the seeds when enjoying the juice. Next, put all the chopped watermelons in your blender or juicer and pour the gulkand in your desired amount. Be sure to blend them well. I usually blend it for one minute in a medium speed. At this point, you can serve your watermelon juice in several glasses which are topped with ice cubes. There is one option by the way, you can also add in some chaat masala as well as black salt while you serve the watermelon. This will just make the watermelon juice even more special.

So, there you go then, four tall glasses of classic watermelon juice. As you see, this watermelon juice recipe is just way so easy and simple to make.

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