Classic Party Fruit Punch Recipe

Classic Party Fruit Punch Recipe
Classic Party Fruit Punch Recipe

This is indeed a super easy punch drink recipe, which has a lot of history for me. A Genuine Classic! It is for sure the fruit punch which my mother has made for everything at all! Baby showers, birthday party, wedding party, graduation party, you name it and this fruit punch is all there! Aside from this being the most wanted drink which is insanely quick and so easy fruit punch recipe, this is indeed so addictive. I can just sit and watch some folks down a number of cups without even realizing it! It is so amazing to notice how much punch that people can drink. Also, this is the perfect lethal weapon to combat boiling heat as you step outside when everything gets incredibly hot outside. For sure, this is a perfect counterpart to the temptation of fruit juice.

Whenever I try to make this fruit punch, I have always doubled or even tripled the recipe, particularly if there will be some kids coming around. This special fruit punch is definitely a strong magnet for kids and my husband’s favourite. God just forbid me to try a new punch recipe since His whole universe just comes crashing down.

I cannot say that I blame Him through. This fruit punch drink is so refreshing, sweet, fruity, and so healthy. It is just the kind of fruit punch which make you want to gulp it down without stopping and then simply let out aloud “aaaaaaaaaaah” after you finish it. And now, I have made myself incredibly thirsty! Off to grab an iced glass of fruit punch! Let me show you how I make this fabulous fruit punch recipe.



This recipe is devoted to making two tall glasses of fruit punch. The ingredients that you will need include the followings:

  • 1 (46 oz) can of sweet pineapple juice
  • 2 liters of ginger ale
  • 1 gallon of Hawaiian Punch, I suggest you to choose fruit juicy Red Taste
  • 1 to 2 cups of sugar, try to have 2 cups of it. You are making punch!

How to Make Classic Party Fruit Punch Recipe

As you have prepared all the things you need, now you can start making the fruit punch with pineapple

Classic Party Fruit Punch Recipe 2
Refreshing fruit punch beverage in pitcher and glasses

First, you should prepare the punch bowl and then add Hawaiian punch. Personally I have always made the punch in a super large mixing bowl and when I am ready to serve it, simply pour it into the large punch bowl. If you want to have different texture, you can try to stick it in your freezer in order to make the punch slushy! After that, you need to add in the pineapple juice. Well, this is the most important ingredient which will determine the flavour of the fruit punch.

Next, you need to add in the ginger ale and then stir gently. If you have stirred it, add in the sugar and stir again till the whole mixture gets dissolved. Eventually, you can serve it ice cold. Float an ice rig right in the center so as to keep the punch cold.

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