Classic Musk Melon Juice Recipe



Musk Melon Juice Recipe-without a question, this is just a perfect treat for you and your family or friends. A tall glass of lemonade melon juice which is poured with tons of cubed ices is just a perfect heaven-like drink to mitigate your thirst as you get parched outside under the sun. Melon can of course be served in various ways, but, when dealing with heat, no one will ever be able to bear the temptation of enjoying a kickin’ iced juice of melon, or cantaloupe. Apart from the fabulous and refreshing taste, melon is fraught with anti-oxidants, contains high amount of potassium, and constitutes a great treat to deal with cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer, and diabetes. It is also low in calories and the best drink for summer time.

For those who do not really like the cumbersome part in creating watermelon juice, which is removing the seeds, opting for this classic musk melon juice recipe is the best solution. Thank God for such small mercies for making my lemonade melon juice even sweeter that I have included rose petal preserve or gulkand. This ingredient is just the perfect sweetening powerhouse to make this classic musk melon juice recipe even more tempting. Adding such ingredient is actually optional, you can of course omit it if you want to have a more genuine flavour of refreshing lemonade and melon in your juice. For me, I think this dual-cooler juice is the best natural coolant I have ever tried. If you have never tried lemonade water melon juice, then this particular natural treat should be on the top of your must-try list! Here is how I make one tall glass of lemonade melon added with tons of ice.

 Classic Musk Melon Juice RecipeBefore you start, as always, make sure that all of the ingredients are already available. You will need musk melon in medium size, two tablespoons of sugar (or add more as desired), lemon juice, water (as required), and packs of ice cubes. Next, you are on your way to get your first sip of this natural concoction.

First you need to wash and cut the melon into 2 halves. Make sure that you scoop the seeds out, then remove the pulp by using a ladle. After that, you just need to take them in a juicer or mixer jar. Don’t forget to add the sugar and lemonade, which has been sliced. Beat well. During the process, it is important that you pay close attention to the consistency and add just little water, as required. As you see the whole ingredient gets mixed and smooth, pour it down over a tall glass and add the ice cubes as many as you want. Enjoy!

One last thing to note! In case you want to have a more varied taste, you can replace the water by using boiled and cooled milk in order to make a tasty milkshake. Sugar? Of course, add in more sugar as you want. The result will be a much richer Lemonade melon juice recipe. If you add milk, you do not need to add lemon. Use cardamom powder, instead.

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