Classic Lemonade Juice Recipes

Classic Lemonade Juice Recipes

As the hot summer days roll around, we almost always have one thing in our mind when it deals with getting something to relieve our thirst, which is a tall glass of lemonade juice packed with a ton of ice.From wiki we know that “Lemonade is any of various sweetened beverages found around the world, all characterized by lemon flavour”. No one will be able to stand the temptation of such a heaven-refreshing drink when they get parched outside in the sun. If you are used to drinking store-bought lemonade juice and that is what you crave the most on a hot lazy summer days, then fine store-bought lemonade that I made from real and fresh lemons can be an absolute life saver. But, there are of course a number of ways that you can try to make things even more delightful. There are hundreds of lemon juice recipes on the internet. So, instead of remaining classic with the old fashioned lemonade juice recipes, why don’t you try something which is more delicious and refreshing? All these recipes call for are just fifteen minutes and just a little elbow sweat to create your own fresh DIY lemonade juice, making it all the sweeter! With all the great summer lemonade product hitting the markets right now, I guess we have all that we need to create an upgrade in our lemonade juice department. Let me show you some of the best lemonade juice recipes that I have tried myself.

Barefoot Contessa Classic Lemonade Juice

So, when all else do not seem to be quite successful, you can just stick to a classic homemade lemonade juice recipe which will never go out of style, and for a number of great reasons. This timeless and ever-lasting lemonade recipe, created by Barefoot Contessa, is so easy and simple but it hits the spot on a hot and humid weather like no other drinks. Either on the rocks or blended, this tart-but-sweet treat is a perfect drink and your kids will surely love and crave to have all day together for many more summer months to come.

Lemonade Juice with Lemonade Ice Cubes

Lemonade Juice with Lemonade Ice CubesThis should be another must-try lemonade juice recipe in your kitchen. The real surprise with thi particularly unique recipe is not the lemonade itself, but the lemonade ice cubes which have some tiny pieces of mint and oranges which are tucked inside, making a glass of it seem way more tempting than it actually is! This is indeed the perfect drink that you should serve at your forthcoming BBQ or a pool party with your family or friends. They will first be wowed and left in awe by the presentation and then they will get blown away by the refreshing flavours as they take the sip again and again.

What are you waiting for? With your lemonades kept inside your fridge, now you have all you need to create the best concoction to battle heated days throughout the summer. I guess everyone surely has their own inspiration when creating lemonade juice, so please let me know if you have some ideas to get these recipes an upgrade.


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